I am a Multi-Media Entertainment Producer and my steady day job is Production Manager for the best custom T-Shirt shop in W. Los Angeles. I manage a badass Goth Rock band 13TH SKY , do all types of promotional work with various LA based Hip Hop acts, and run with a sick ass design crew FCC ... I'm using TUMBLR to help me get my design chops and confidence up... AT LEAST TRY TOO =D
Email: Sebastian Bleak
13th Sky Caliwood Mirage-Co Forsaken Circus
I'm going through a transformation in the way I approach my life in Graphic Design. This will document the thought process behind the work and the actual work itself.

19th February 2012

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www.sebastianbleak.com * www.zodiakkilla.com 

www.sebastianbleak.com * www.zodiakkilla.com 

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